Questions and Answers

Both ProAddiction multi protein treatments contain the same basic formula. The only differentiation between the content of the treatments is the purple pigment added to the purple ProAddiction multi protein treatment. 

For all hair color levels 1-8 we recommend to use the ProAddiction multi protein straightening purple treatment. For hair color levels 9-12 we recommend to mix both ProAddiction multi protein straightening treatments. The mixing ratio should be 60% purple when we don't want to change the color shade. When we want the color to be cooler we add more purple and when we want the color warmer we add more white,  to a maximum of 50%/50%

On virgin hair color levels 1-5 we can recommend to use the ProAddiction multi protein straightening white treatment.

Yes! On virgin hair color levels 1-5 only.

Our treatment works on the hair to change the structure internally and therefore yes, it is to some extent permanent. When changing curly hair to straight, over time it might gain some frizz back but the texture should stay fairly the same.

Since ProAddiction changes the structure of the hair internally no preservatives are needed. Formaldehyde is a preservative used when the product only costs the hair and washes out to keep it as long as possible. 

Yes! After working with an acidic product and changing the ph level of the hair it is very important to shampoo the hair and after working with heat it is important to use the mask to help balance the ph as well as hydrate the hair.

Although our product is a 100% toxic free we do recommend to consult your doctor while pregnant and have an allergy test done before using it during pregnancy. 

No! Doing ProAddiction treatment to regrowth you don't need to redo the part that was previously done. You need to apply ProAddiction treatment only on the regrowth and leave it for the processing time. Before washing the treatment off emulsify it through the entire length and then rinse 90% off the entire hair length. When starting the heat process work only on the regrowth and touch up the hair that was previously done minimally.  For example: if you did 7 strokes with the flat iron the first treatment do 6 strokes with the iron on the regrowth only and the 7th one through the entire hair length to refresh the previously done section of the hair.

Since ProAddiction treatment has a wide range of possibilities it is very important to take the time during the consultation to understand what is the client needs and the best thing for her hair. Not all clients need or want to have 100% straight hair and understanding that there is an option to relax the hair texture by as much as needed without necessarily going completely straight is important for the client to understand the possibilities.

Clarifying shampoo helps clean the hair from any products built up and help with the penetration of the treatment. Depending upon the hair thickness and density it is recommended to shampoo the hair twice and leaving the clarifying shampoo for 5-10 minutes.

After the processing time we rinse the treatment off the hair 90-100% using only water (any temperature). ProAddiction treatment will work the same even when rinsing 100%. As lighter the color it is recommended to rinse more to avoid any color changes. 

During the work with the flat iron it is important to take thin sections to ensure best results and efficiency.  Depending upon the hair thickness use sections of 0.8-0.4 inches.

YES! With ProAddiction treatment the texture change depends on the amount of heat applied to the hair. To get the best results work with the flat iron at a slow and steady pace. It is much more effective to pass the flat iron less times a slow pace then more times at a fast pace.