Frequently Asked Questions

ProAddiction's purple and white Multi Protein Straightening Systems contain the same formula. The only difference is that the purple treatment system contains purple pigments to neutralize the unwanted hair colors/pigments such as yellow and brassy colors.

For all hair color levels 1-8, we recommend using our PURPLE treatment. For hair color levels 9-12, we recommend mixing our purple and white treatment together at a mixing ratio of 70%
purple and 30% white.

We do not recommend using the white treatment alone to ensure there is no color change.
We do recommend using the white treatment as a diluter for hair levels 9-12, by mixing 70% of
the purple treatment together with 30% of the white treatment.

Our treatment works internally on the hair to permanently change the hair structure. Over time, it
may develop some frizz, but the overall texture should remain the same.

Since ProAddiction changes the structure of the hair internally no preservatives such as
formaldehyde are ever needed or used.

Yes! After working with an acidic product, it is essential to shampoo the hair and use our
ProAddiction hydrating mask to balance the pH level and hydrate the hair.

Although our treatment is safe and non-toxic, ProAddiction has never been tested on pregnant
or nursing women. Please consult with your physician before using any treatment.

No! Doing ProAddiction's treatment to regrowth, you don't need to redo the part that was previously done. You need to apply ProAddiction treatment only on the regrowth and leave it for the processing time. Before washing the treatment off emulsify it through the entire length and then rinse 90% off the entire hair length. When starting the heat process, work only on the regrowth and touch up the hair that was previously done minimally. 

For example: If you did 7 strokes with the flat iron the first treatment do 6 strokes with the iron on the regrowth only and the 7th one through the entire hair length to refresh the previously done section of the hair.

Since ProAddiction treatment has a wide range of possibilities, and can be customized for each
client, it is very important to take the time during the consultation to understand what the client
wants. Not all clients need or to have 100% straight hair, some clients may want to reduce their
curls or to keep their natural curls all without frizz.

Clarifying shampoo helps clean the hair from product built up and helps open the hair scales to
allow the treatment to penetration. One light clarifying shampoo should only be used on virgin hair only, levels 1 to 5.

After the processing time, we rinse the treatment off the hair 100% using only water (any temperature).

During the work with the flat iron at 450°F/230°C, it is important to take thin sections,
approximately ¼ inch, or .6 centimeter to ensure the best results.

YES! With ProAddiction's treatment, the texture change depends on the amount of heat applied to the hair. To get the best results work with the flat iron at 450°F/230°C at a slow and steady pace. It is much more effective to pass the flat iron at a slow but steady pace.