* Hydrating Shampoo *

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The special hydrating formula of ProAddiction Hydrating Shampoo will maintain the natural pH level of your hair, while gently cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing it.

Created especially for use following a ProAddiction treatment, ProAddiction Hydrating Shampoo may also be used as part of your ongoing haircare routine.

Available: 250ml, 1000ml


1. Wet hair.
2. Apply ProAddiction Hydrating Shampoo and lather.
3. Rinse clean.
4. Follow with your favorite conditioner – we recommend ProAddiction Hydrating Conditioner.
5. Rinse out.

Why Proaddiction?

Proaddiction is the only product available today that can completely eliminate frizz, soften the hair’s texture and straighten the hair all while making it healthier in the process.
Proaddiction is a 100% toxic free product, giving the hairdresser and the client a completely safe environment.
Proaddiction has a unique formula that gives hairdressers the best ability to control colors.
Proaddiction is extremely durable and you will have complete control of the hair’s texture.
Proaddiction is the only product to completely rebuild the hair protein.