Multi Protein Smoothing System

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Penetrates the hair, changing it at a molecular level to re-bond disulfide bonds. Enriched with amino acids, it restores hair to health, while providing greater control over the degree of straightening that can be achieved – so you can straighten, smooth or defrizz.

• Multi-purpose – straighten hair, relax curls, define curls, or just defrizz – according to your client’s preference
• Safe – no formaldehyde, no fumes, no toxins
• Sodium chloride free, Paraben free, Harsh surfactant sulfate free, No animal testing, Vegan, Gluten free
• No after-care required

Available: 1000ml, 150ml


1. Wash hair with ProAddiction Clarifying Shampoo.
2. Blow dry and comb hair.
3. Apply ProAddiction Multi-Protein Straightening System to small sections of the hair, starting 1cm from the root. Comb product through all the way to the tip.
4. Leave ProAddiction Multi-Protein Straightening System on the hair for 45 minutes – 1 hour.
5. Rinse hair thoroughly with clean water. Do not use any product.
6. Blow dry hair.
7. Straighten hair with hair straightener.
8. Wash hair with ProAddiction Hydrating Shampoo followed by ProAddiction Hydrating Mask.

Why Proaddiction?

Proaddiction is the only product available today that can completely eliminate frizz, soften the hair’s texture and straighten the hair all while making it healthier in the process.
Proaddiction is a 100% toxic free product, giving the hairdresser and the client a completely safe environment.
Proaddiction has a unique formula that gives hairdressers the best ability to control colors.
Proaddiction is extremely durable and you will have complete control of the hair’s texture.
Proaddiction is the only product to completely rebuild the hair protein.